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Car Air Conditioning

Keep your Cool with a regular Car Airconditioning Service ! 

The Air Conditioner is not always included in a 'standard' or log book service, so it can be easily neglected.

In saying that, a regular vehicle service should always check for the more obvious faults which may be associated with an Air Conditioning system operating below expectations, such as;

  • The drive belt tension
  • Visible signs of Refrigerant oil stains ar the compressor, hoses, pipes or fittings.
  • Loose or faulty compressor or equipment mounting brackets

Anything beyond this cursory inspection then requires a full Air Conditioning Service.

What Is Included In A Car Air Con Service?

It is now Law that everyone that works on Automotive Air Conditioning systems throughout all States and Territories of Australia must have a Refrigerant Handling Licence. As a result a Licenced Automotive Air Conditioning Workshop must display their Trading Authorisation and Refrigerant Handling Licences at all times

Added to this, different cars may also have specific service requirements that are unique to the make of car or the particulat model.

Your local Repco Authorised Car Service mechanic will happily explain what is involved for your particular car. This will usually include then following as a guide:

Service Procedures

  • Inspection of drive belts and pulleys
  • Check operation of valves and thermostats
  • Inspection of hoses and components
  • Evacuate system & Recover refrigerant (weigh amount and record)
  • Add required amount of refrigerant oil
  • Charge system with recommended refrigerant type and capacity (if required)
  • Condenser temperature check
  • Suction line temperature reading
  • Leak test system lines and components with an electronic leak detector
  • Run vehicle to check air vent temperature and report



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